“FIesta Melons” and part of my essay

     One thing that I really liked about Sylvia Plath’s “Fiesta Melons” is the connection between the the fruit market and fertility. I thought Plath portrayed the setting and emotions beautifully in this poem. The poem is about her honeymoon in Spain and I really enjoyed this poem for its bright imagery and colorful theme. In my essay I wrote about “Fiesta Melons” and a little bit about what the poem means and represents:

     Sylvia Plath’s usage of imagery is a driving force in “Fiesta Melons.” Plath uses imagery to draw the reader a picture of a bright and happy outdoor fiesta setting. Plath uses bright colors and words to describe the scene. She links it to nature and the natural act of sex. Plath’s link between the melons in the market to sex goes far beyond the middle school usage of the term and is used much more vividly in the poem. Simply put, “Fiesta Melons” is a celebration of her love for Ted Hughes and their honeymoon and the celebration of the natural act of love. While such bright and positive imagery is untypical of Sylvia Plath, “Fiesta Melons” proves that poets are not typecast to one specific emotion or genre. Plath’s poetry covers a wide spectrum of thoughts, emotions, and ideas and Plath’s positive vibes in “Fiesta Melons” is Plath expressing her joyful side. Although Plath’s poetry is often much darker in its imagery, “Fiesta Melons” provides an avenue into the bright and happy side of Plath and it is a refreshing taste into the sweeter side of Plath.


One thought on ““FIesta Melons” and part of my essay

  1. I so agree with you about this poem’s showcasing a different range of emotions!
    Not what one would call Plathian!
    I am looking forward to your essay–and the images of fertility and sexuality you see in the poem.

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